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a change of scenery
25.May.2007, 1.00 am
Filed under: transitions

The old blog.This is my first post to WordPress… I’ve been using Vox for months now, my first blog! I’ll always have a place in my heart for it… it’s so much easier to use than this infernal thing… the problem, of course, is that a reader can only post a comment if they’re a Vox user. And that’s no fun, since many of the few people who read my blog aren’t Voxers.

So from now on, this is my hitchin’ post. Please visit my old blog to read my old stuff… especially my last post on Jerry Falwell and all the memories his recent death stirred up inside me. I’m still going to be posting stuff there , particularly pics and music files, because it’s totally free whereas ol’ WordPress makes you pay after 50Mbs (hardly any space these days!).

I’ll still be updating the Vox account for my Vox friends… albeit not as frequently.


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Now I can bug you with comments rather than yell at the screen!


Comment by Brandon Andrew Miles

Now that I’ve calmed down, I still think you’re a cuckolding belly-rubbing Benedict. But I guess if you’re likely to get B.A. Miles posting on your board, I can understand the temptation to switch sides.

Comment by Derek

Come and jine us Holt. The water is fine!

I do miss ya buddy. I leave this on Justin’s blog since I can’t leave it on yours. No offense Justin. You know I love you and your family as well. Derek and I just have a special protagonist/antagonist, relationship. One I once had with Ranger Z, and miss greatly from both of them.

Comment by Brandon Andrew Miles

Unadulterated words, some authentic words man. You made my day!

Comment by earnedKef

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