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“calling in sick” or “one cup at a time”
4.June.2007, 9.22 am
Filed under: coffee, marriage, work

Good to the last drop!Monday is a great day to have off work. While most people are crawling out of bed, starting their weeks again by heading off to work—with five whole burden-laden days in sight!—the off-on-Monday man gets to rest easy, knowing he’s in the minority in his little town.

If he decides to go to the store—or even, in the worst-case scenario, the MALL(!)—he’s one of few. He doesn’t have to wait in line like the weekend warriors… he just does as he pleases, with minimal traffic in either road or walkway obstructing his path.

This man is me. Usually.

Today, however, my most reliable employee was feeling under the weather, and as I otherwise have a crop of newbies, I had to suck it up, jump out of bed at 6:30 and head down to the shop. Not the way I was hoping to spend my day off… but that’s the price of being the Coffee King of Bowling Green. (Bad TV commercial featuring me, who has no business on camera, coming soon.)
Meanwhile, I realize I’m more like the unreliable employees I’ve fired over the years… calling in sick, or just not showing up, more often than not. Not at work, of course; I’ve got an image to uphold of the able-bodied überkompetant. But in my marriage, my friendships, my creativity… let’s be honest: it’s just easier to stay in bed.


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I thoroughly enjoyed my birthday batch of Highlander Grog at home this morning and I must fall prostrate before the Coffee King of BG. A more worthy ruler cannot be found in all Coffeedom.

Comment by cort

Ol’ Justin gonna be on my TV? Its days like this I wish I had a DVR. Or cable even. Is it gonna be on WBKO? NBC 40? Think it will hit the torrent sites? Good luck, man!

Cort… Highlander Grog is also a favorite of the Miles household. There can be only one.

Comment by Brandon Andrew Miles

Ok, Highlander Grog better be good. I stopped by today and bought a bag of beans. Justin, I’m counting on all the good reviews…


Comment by kevinburt

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