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No Country for Old Men
15.June.2007, 4.19 pm
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Fargo. The Big Lebowski. Raising Arizona. O Brother. These are among my favorite movies of all time. What do they have in common? They were all written and directed by Joel and Ethan Coen.

Sadly, the brothers have really dropped the ball in the last few years… first by delivering the subpar romantic comedy “Intolerable Cruelty,” and following that up with the absolutely terrible remake of “The Ladykillers.”

Well, my faith was almost gone. But it’s starting to well up again, thanks to this:


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I never saw the romantic comedy… but I liked the Ladykillers. No instant classic like Lebowski or O Brother, but pretty clever I thought. Didn’t know it was a remake though. During the last Stellar Kin tour, we stayed in the thown (Natchez, MS) that movie took place in and had a few drinks on the casino boat they were trying to rob. It was pretty neat. Nathan had to wait outside (he was like 18). He was pissy about it when we came out.

Comment by Brandon Andrew Miles

This looks good. It’s also cool that it’s based on a Cormac McCarthy book. I’ve not even heard of that book. Or maybe the movie is called something different? Who knows. McCarthy is said to be the last modernist writer, or rather a Modernist writer in defiance of his Pomo contemporaries.

I’ll look forward to it.

Here I have BA saying the Lady Killers is good, and you repeating what I’ve heard from you before about it being bad. Maybe you could watch it again, and ignore the “fart jokes.” Maybe you’ll like it better.

I’ve yet to see it. I like fart jokes sometimes, though. I was raised on them. Think The Naked Gun.

Comment by Derek

Fart jokes? Try Anchorman (which IS great… but for different reasons entirely). This movie was not a “fart jokes” movie. There was a young urban fellow who liked to curse a lot. But that was his character. A product of his culture. Should that distract from the entire film? I didn’t think so. I thought it was still clever, and enjoyable… though probably not brilliant like many of their others. Which is maybe why people hate it. People treated The Life Aquatic witht he same hatred and misunderstanding, but I thought that film was at least borderline brilliant.

Comment by Brandon Andrew Miles

I think the Life Aquatic was the best of the Wes Anderson films. At least of those I’ve seen. How many does he have? I count four. Life Aquatic, Royal Tenenbaums (which I watched again for the first time in like a year the other night, and really enjoyed it this time, which was also a first), Bottle Rocket (which, despite all others’ disdain, I liked first time through), and then that other one I can’t remember about a boy at school. That one I’ve never seen, but everyone says it’s the best. So barring that one, Life Acquatic is definitely the best of his films for me, and I honestly think, if not genius, it’s definitely a keeper. It suceeds in every way that Royal Tenebaums fails. Plus it’s hilarious. If not the first time through, then you start to feel it growing on you at least by the second time.

Wow, I just heard gunshots outside my window (far away). That’s a very very first for Vienna. Hope it was only for play.

Comment by Derek

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