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19.June.2007, 7.09 am
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If any of you are interested in a great-condition Nintendo 64, complete with Goldeneye and Perfect Dark (two of the best N64 games by far) and four others, and with three controllers… well, I’m selling.


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dude, don’t sell perfect dark. you can play it with the Wii. I can always bring over my copy of Golden Eye.

Comment by Derek

No sir, you’re wrong as rain.

The Wii will accept GameCube games into the DVD slot, and has controller and memory ports for GameCube equipment. It will also allow you to DOWNLOAD older Nintendo (and Sega, and Ultravision) games as they’re converted. Just last night I downloaded Super Mario World (Super Nintendo), though the used GameCube controller I bought makes it a little hard to play… the X/Y buttons used for fast-running don’t allow you to easily slide your thumb to the A button for jumping. I’ve come up with a system to use my fingers, instead. Nintendo sells a “classic controller” which plugs into the WiiMote, but it’s $20 and will not work for GameCube games, whereas the GameCube controller will work for ALL games (except Wii games which rely on motion-sensitive WiiMote and possible Nunchuk attachment). For instance, the developers of the upcoming Super Smash Bros. Brawl say they designing the game to work with any controller setup, but the main guy said something to the effect of “hang on to your GameCube controller … I prefer to play Brawl with the GameCube controller.”

However, the Wii has no ability to accept an actual CARTRIDGE of any kind. One day when they put Perfect Dark up for download, I’ll download it. But for now the sensible thing is to sell it with the N64. I think that’s a reasonably good selling point.

I’m also in the market for Super Smash Bros. Melee for GameCube, if anyone has one they want to get rid of. I’m waiting to find a copy on eBay for below $13… that game has the highest used-game resale value of any for the last-generation systems ($25 at EB Games, for instance).

Comment by rjustin

A bit more explanation:

When used to play GameCube discs, the Wii essentially transforms into a GameCube. It bypasses some of the Wii circuitry and goes directly to the GameCube ports… for instance, you can’t save a GameCube game-save to the regular Wii memory card, but must save to a GameCube memory card (I bought one used last night, for the day when I get a GameCube game). Obviously that’s sort-of stupid, a major design flaw if you ask me.

Otherwise, however, the Wii works as a Wii. When you download the “ported” (that’s the technical term) “virtual console” (another tech term) games, it first tries to access the WiiMote. The WiiMote has a couple of buttons, and can be used on its own to play original NES games. But for Super Nintendo and N64 ports, you have to have the Classic Controller plugged into the WiiMote. If you don’t, it then check the GameCube controller point, and if you have a GameCube controller plugged in, it will allow you to use that. Though, as I mentioned above, there are some downsides to this depending on the game. I almost want to buy a Classic Controller just so I can really enjoy Super Mario World without having to relearn the buttons. Essentially, the Classic Controller is just like an old Super Nintendo controller, with the addition of one more finger trigger and joysticks on each side.

In other news, Wii outsold both PS3 and XBox 360 in May. All that talk about “the Wii has no computing power” didn’t matter, because everybody wants to have fun! And the Wii is certainly fun.

Comment by rjustin


http://wii.ign.com now has screen shots up of Link and some kind of fancy sword. I know you’re a Link fan, Derek, and thought you might want to peep it.

Comment by rjustin

No dude. I’m telling you. You can play Perfect Dark with the Wii. I’m certain of this.

Comment by Derek

That’s cool to hear about Wii outselling Xbox and PS3. Stick it up your rears, Microsoft and Sony. Only I didn’t quite catch the “computing power” comment. I haven’t kept up with a lot of that business, so it was lost on me.

Also, I think Gamecube Smash bros. can be bought new at EB games for like 25 or 30 can’t it? Or am I wrong. In any case, you could always go to my brother and get mine from him. If you get the memory card (that is, if Wii reads it), you’ll have all the chars. unlocked, too. I doubt my bro really plays it much.

just a thought.

Comment by Derek

Not without a soldering iron and a boatload of luck.
Seriously, quit spamming my fine blog with your delusional comments! There is nowhere to insert the cartridge!!!

Comment by rjustin

BTW, that second to last comment of mine was a joke. I just wanted to make you mad. For some reason in my original comment I had completely forgotten about the Gamecube.

Comment by Derek

Tell him to mail it to me! The USPS, as of this morning, is up and running again… though they told me they lost your package. But I happen to have cloned all that stuff I sent you, so I’ll send it again. 🙂

Comment by rjustin

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