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Small-town blues
25.July.2007, 8.55 am
Filed under: politics, work

1.) My career in journalism is stalled in Bowling Green… too few opportunities, and a workplace where upward mobility is severely limited and change is slow.

2.) One pool hall! And it’s on the other side of town! I try to play on Thursdays, but practice is nonexistent and my game suffers greatly for it.

3.) And good movies? We don’t get ’em here. Nope, just the big-budget thrillers (NOTE: I did see “Harry Potter” this weekend and thoroughly enjoyed it) from the big-name studios. Which means I won’t be seeing this anytime soon:


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hmm. i betcha I’ll see that one over here. when does it release?

also, could you give me a detailed account of your regular weekly schedule? Someone as busy as you is a marvel to me. I am always confused that you try to have band practice and go to the pool hall both on thursdays.


Comment by Derek

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