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My true calling
13.August.2007, 8.29 pm
Filed under: daddyhood, films, video

You all know I’m a top-notch post-rocker… a mediocre pool player (you may think YOU are also a mediocre pool player. But you aren’t.)… a political junkie, a Mac enthusiast and a wonderful dad.

What you may NOT know is that I’m also an amateur filmmaker. I present you, now, with “Hydration Nation,” a sort-of PSA on the virtues of keeping one’s self hydrated in these hot days.

ADDENDUM: Here is the first film I made in the 21st Century. It doesn’t go anywhere.


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You’re getting pretty good at this, RJ. Keep it up. I like how talkative the kids are getting.

You’re welcome to guest-post on my blog anytime you want, too, although I really don’t think all that many more people read it.


Comment by Derek

What? a bunch of blackness and some metal song? who is that? zao???

Comment by Derek

Yeah, that music sounds awfully similar to Stryper. Must be the 80s or early 90s metal. Thank God we’ve moved on from there! (I should say most of us have, anyway).

Comment by Shelley

The videos are really good, by the way!!

Comment by Shelley

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