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The E-book, finally realized
6.December.2007, 10.35 am
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I’ve thought for years that I should just be able to read books via computer. I like turning pages, I like the feel of paper, I like not getting eye strain from an electronic screen.

But where to keep all those books?

I have a friend — we’ll call him Erek — who has way more books than any other possessions, and it’s a really big hassle to move them. They weigh a lot, they are all just slightly different sizes (lots harder than, say, boxing up a bunch of CDs in conveniently uniform jewel cases)… in short, they suck, at least to the 21st Century Digital Boy.

Well, it may not be news to you, but there is finally an answer: The Kindle. It’s not as cool looking as an iPhone, but it has some real virtues. Firstly, the screen isn’t a shiny, black-based computer screen, but is white-backed and easier on the eyes. Secondly, it connects via cell signal and not wi-fi — best of all, the user doesn’t pay the cell fee or any subscription fee at all. Third, it’s as big as a paperback (though “lighter than most,” according to their promotional material). Fourth, a full, new release book is just $10, instead of the $20-$40 you’d pay for the printed one at Barnes & Noble.

It’s a bit expensive for a piece of equipment that is essentially one-dimensional (you can read blogs and newspapers, but you can’t input anything, so far as I can tell). But it’s worth a look, especially if you read a lot of books, and want to read more, and live in Bowling Green, where the library selection is severely limited.


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i dunno. those bookshelves are going to look awful drab without books to fill them in days to come.

Comment by Derek

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