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And the winner is…
13.March.2008, 8.16 am
Filed under: daddyhood, hilarity
Youth sees future bearded self, reacts with dismay.
Well, there you have it! Kate of “Postcards from Kate” (see “Other Fines Places to Waste Time” on right of this page) wins it all! However, since she’s in New York City (where they make most salsa, apparently), the free Spencer’s beverage will be presented to runner-up Brandon for “Forlorn… Gone are the days of my youth.” Good goin’, big B!

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As the mama to this serious child, I have to put a vote in for Kelly’s comment about the bearded juggler. Pretty funny! Though I do like the others too. I’m not surprised Justin went for the headline style caption…….those journalists are always sticking together!!

Comment by Shelley

Oh my goodness! I never win anything… I am flattered. How do I redeem? I would love to talk Doug and the guys into having lunch at Spencer’s sometime soon so I may also purchase a chicken salad sandwich. The best on earth.

I would like to thank the academy, my family, my wonderful staff of writers… (cue elevator music)

Comment by Brandon Miles

What?!?!?! I wasn’t consulted about this. I would totally fly in for a free cup of coffee. I make sound financial decisions like that.

Comment by Kate

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