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Pee to the Tee
22.May.2008, 8.35 am
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Ode to a Cruiser

Oh, P.T.,

How you swept me
Off my feet, out of my socks!
It rocks
To drive along in your arms.
“Your body is a wonderland,”
That’s what they said
About Jennifer Love? Oh
Heavens no!
About putting on a glove
Stretched tight on taut fingers
Gripping the radius of
Junk in the trunk?
You’ve that too,
And room for a crew of sailors,
Or a three-piece band (if they pack lightly).
Are you with me?
I forever am with you.
Sporty yet stout,
And the mileage is great!
You go all night with no questions asked,
No regrets, no remorse.
And who gives a rip
About the resale? Not me,
For you are mine…
Lest they pry you from my quivering grip.
Charlton, had he synapses any longer,
Would never allow.
Nor shall I,
Nor shall I.

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