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Beginning in the middle / Ignoring the beginning
23.June.2008, 7.11 pm
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Frank Rich at the New York Times picked up on an interesting little quirk of the McCain campaign:

Mr. McCain’s sorest Achilles’ heel, of course, is his role in facilitating the (Iraq war) fiasco in the first place. Someone in his campaign has figured this out. Go to JohnMcCain.com and, hilariously enough, you’ll find a “McCain on Iraq Timeline” that conveniently begins in August 2003, months after “Mission Accomplished.” Vanished into the memory hole are such earlier examples of the McCain Iraq wisdom as “the end is very much in sight” (April 9, 2003) and “there’s not a history of clashes that are violent between Sunnis and Shiites” (later that same month).

To finesse this embarrassing record, Mr. McCain asks us to believe that the only judgment that matters is who was “right” about the surge, not who was right about our reckless plunge into war. That’s like saying he deserves credit for tossing life preservers to the survivors after encouraging the captain of the Titanic to plow full speed ahead into the iceberg. [Bold mine — R.]


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It’s almost funny when pieced together, but we need to remain cautious, since we are dealing with the Republican propaganda machine that, to this day, has everyone convinced that we were attacked on 9/11 because the terrorists hate that “we’re so free”. Cheney is going around talking about what a great victory Iraq is. It used to be that an obvious denial of the evidence (i.e. this is not a pipe, http://www.artinthepicture.com/artists/Rene_Magritte/pipe.jpeg) commanded us to question how we saw things. Now, McBush is asking not to question but to believe that it really ISN’T a pipe – it’s a sign of victory in Iraq.

Comment by wordadvocate

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