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Fox News. Really.
3.July.2008, 9.37 am
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In case you haven’t seen this yet, and in case you seriously think that they’re truly “Fair and Balanced.” This is something that would get your can kicked right out of journalism school, trust me. See if you can spot alll the differences! Answers below. (Note: I’ve linked a Media Matters video, although I think that organization is a bit biased itself, simply because I couldn’t find an embeddable version of the piece from MSNBC, where I initially found out about this.)

ANSWERS: In picture 1, the eyes have been darkened, teeth yellowed, the chin has been enlarged, as has the nose, the eyebrows thickened slightly. In picture 2, the eyes darkened, teeth yellowed, hairline receded and head enlarged.

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You are right. It’s unbelievable. I can only hope that it’s some elaborate hoax, otherwise this is just disgusting.

Comment by Cort

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