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McCain vs. the Press, Part II
23.July.2008, 6.48 am
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Via Ambinder, McCain’s campaign is now giving out these as press passes (note closely the language ‘neath ol’ Lady Liberty):

McCAIN PRESS CORP JV SQUAD | Left Behind to Report in America

Never mind that the McCain campaign made no effort to take the press along on its recent Mideast-n-More jaunt, they’re going to whine constantly about the coverage from now on. Eugene Robinson from the Washington Post noted last night on a cable talkfest that this is the sort of thing candidates usually do near the end of elections, when they’re down and likely out — NOT what they do when they’re “only two or three points down.”

That quote, by the way, is from one John McCain, who just can’t get a break got Katie Couric to interview him via satellite while she’s overseas with the Big Bam. She asked him (obviously picking up on the “media vs. McCain thread pushed by the campaign) whether he thinks the press coverage has been fair.

Asked whether he believes he’d had unfair media coverage, McCain replied: “I don’t think so. I think …it is what it is. I’m a big boy. And I’m enjoying every minute of the campaigning. And I’m certainly not complaining. And, in fact, I think it’s fun to watch.”  — Politico


Meanwhile, McCain used some variation of this line four times yesterday:

I’ve always said that I’d rather lose a campaign than lose a war. It seems my opponent would rather lose a war so he can win a campaign.

This, apparently, in response to Obama’s assertion that he would not vote for the surge, if he had it to do over, and his very reasonable (if certainly debatable) explanation of that call. Seems a bit harsh for mid-July, doesn’t it? And can it possibly help to continue reminding people, even if they’re sympathetic, that you are essentially lose-ing?


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