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Again with the ads???
12.August.2008, 12.34 pm
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Yes, again.

•First, a diversion — maybe John Kerry could’ve won the presidency if he’d had ads like this?

•But back to the presidential race at hand… Barry bounced back from the celeb smackdown of McCain by pointing out that, in fact, McCain is the real celebrity:

I think this is a.) really well-made, b.) very funny and c.) relatively useless. We often joke about voting for the lesser of two evils, but how is it possible that a presidential campaign has turned into a contest to see who’s LEAST popular?

•Besides, McCain’s got more celeb spittin’! And this one includes a blatant lie, which is that Obama would raise taxes on people who make only $42,000 per year (and has been debunked on every cable news show since):

•Also on the ad front, someone has noticed that Democrat Barack Obama, Republican John McCain and oilman (and Swift Boater) T. Boone Pickens all use the same exact footage of wind turbines in their mostly-in-agreement ads on some sort of new, bold energy policy. (It seems like these things could all be powered simply by the puffed-up statements of those in the campaigns.)


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