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19.August.2008, 7.58 am
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Once again, the joke is on MSM:

“The results of the new Pew Survey on News Consumption (taken every two years and released this afternoon) suggest that viewers of the ‘fake news’ programs ‘The Daily Show ‘ and ‘The Colbert Report’ are more knowledgeable about current events (as judged by three test questions) than watchers of ‘real’ cable news shows hosted by Lou Dobbs, Bill O’Reilly and Larry King, among others — as well as average consumers of NBC, ABC, Fox News, CNN, C-SPAN and daily newspapers,” reports Greg Mitchell at Editor and Publisher. (Culled from The NY Times’ Opinionator)

VP picks pending

Politico (along with many others) is reporting that VP picks will be coming soon: Obama’s likely by Friday, while McCain’s is apparently set for August 29. The smart money is on  Sen. Joe Biden (the smartest and least-exciting candidate from early in the primary season) for Obama, while McCain’s campaign is still testing the waters as to whether they can get away with a pro-choice pick (especially considering the short-and-sweet answer McCain gave Saturday during the abortion question at the Saddleback forum).

Obama still in lead, but it’s dwindling

Quinnipiac poll has Obama 47, McCain 42, down from an 9-point lead last month.

Woodward returns

His new book will be called “The War Within” — and if it’s like his other books, will provide a great glimpse behind the scenes at this singularly strange White House.


You’ll notice a new widget on the right: It’s my VodPod collector, which gives you instant access to videos I’m digging (or just think interesting or weird). The inaugural videos are Queen’s “Princes of the Universe,” which is the most absurdly epic music video ever, and a Japanese “We are the World” charity parody, which is totally un-P.C. and absurd.


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