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DNC: Day 3, Part 2 (Sleepy veep)
28.August.2008, 9.01 am
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If Bill Clinton’s speech was a barn-burner, vice presidential candidate Joe Biden’s was a bore. (Although his memories of his mother, who was in attendance and put on the big screen, were a high point — “When I got knocked down by guys bigger than me, and this is the God’s truth, she sent me back out and said ‘Bloody their nose, so you can walk down the street the next day,’ and that’s what I did!”)

[Full speech VodPodded at right.]

Biden stumbled through his speech, at one point saying that the Bush administration handed down hundreds of millions in taxes (not tax breaks, which presumably is what he meant) to Big Oil®. His rallying cries were generally met with subdued applause, and his attempted bodyblows to McCain were more likes slaps on the wrist.

Which means, apparently, that Biden must be better on the fly.

Thankfully, Barack Obama showed up afterward, a surprise appearance to warm up the crowd for today’s speech at Mile High. It was a bit strange, though… he told the masses that Hillary “rocked the house!” (!) and that Michelle was amazing… but what he certainly didn’t do was look presidential, which was supposed to be the point of the night. Instead, he came off as a sort of emcee, strutting in and urging the crowd to “give it up” (my words, not his) for the cast of characters who’d preceded him, including John Kerry (who looks more and more like a walking corpse).

Tonight’s speech, however, could provide a major boost to his campaign, provided he does what he does best — draws out Americans’ hopes — and goes light on policy pronouncements and digs at John McCain.

Side note: Why does every single Democrat on earth feel the need to preface every criticism of McCain with the words “he’s a friend” and “he’s a genuine American hero”? Smallball, I say!


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