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DNC: Day 4 (What Day 4?)
29.August.2008, 12.35 pm
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Barack Obama accepted the Democratic Party’s nomination for presidential last night in front of about 80,000 people, and delivered one of the most comprehensive, most inspiring acceptance speeches in history. (Full speech VodPodded at right.)

What? You didn’t know? That may be because, all morning long, your TV sets and webnews sites have been focused on this:

No, that’s not a working mom hugging her dear old grandpa on his 72nd birthday… it’s presumptive GOP vice presidential nominee and Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin! But more on that later.

Obama’s speech did everything the pundits asked of it: It was an inspirational call to Americans for a “different” kind of politics. It was an explanation of what he plans to do once in office (reduce oil consumption, cut taxes for 95 percent of the working class, track down Osama bin Laden at “the cave where he lives,” as opposed to following McCain’s footsteps to the “gates of Hell”). It was harsh, but not petty, toward the Bush administration and, by extension, a potential McCain White House.

He played it as well as he could, I think, and anyone watching who was anywhere near the fence on McCain’s side was given a number of good reasons to start walking left.

Biggest plus, in my view, was that he didn’t shy away from pointing toward the so-called hot buttons: gun control, abortion and gay rights, particularly. It was refreshing to hear a call for compromise, or more accurately, shared goals that most people can agree on: reducing the number of unwanted pregnancies; keeping assault weapons out of the hands of criminals while upholding the right of a sportsman to own a hunting rifle; medical benefits for any two people living together and sharing finances (be it a gay couple or a pair of elderly sisters) while preserving the historic meaning and distinction of male-female marriage.

Almost more interesting to me was the sharp rift in coverage on the two most political networks, MSNBC (which I prefer due to their analysts, mainly Pat Buchanan and Eugene Robinson) and FOX. Now, I generally don’t watch FOX — not because of a rightward slant, which is certainly evident, but because they’re so darn tabloid. Anyway, on MSNBC, Olbermann and Matthews (“HA!”) were absolutely effusive in their praise (“I’d like to find something to criticize” Olbermann lied, “but it just isn’t there!”). So I turned over to FOX, and what was the very first thing I heard? Anchor Brit Hume (who’s almost as corpsely as Biden and McCain moms) talking about this historic moment for “Barack HUSSEIN Obama.”

I have not seen nor heard anyone talk of John Sidney McCain.

Criticisms of the speech: The fireworks were a bit much.


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