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RNC: Who would you rather watch…

This guy:

Or these guys:

Personally, I’d rather have Rudy any day. But the AP reports that Giuliani, who was set to be the keynote speaker tonight at the Republican National Convention, has been dropped in favor of Joe “I’m a Democrat, really!” Lieberman (dubbed “Loserman” by the right-wing echo chamber during his VP run in 2000) and Fred “Law & Order” Thompson (who was goaded into running by conservatives and who unraveled quickly once they realized that he couldn’t act without a proper script).

True, they’re all white guys, and arguably all part of the “establishment.” But Giuliani is by far the most intriguing speaker, a man who doesn’t give off that “I’m reading a teleprompter” vibe that plagues his counterparts (and, indeed, McCain himself).

Just how McCain managed to grab the nomination is still a mystery to me. He’s stilted, his body language is just awful, and he certainly doesn’t look the part of “change,” if that’s really what the electorate is looking for. But I digress.

President Bush’s speech (now set to be given via satellite) may also get canned… of course, one gets the impression that Camp McCain was secretly hoping for something, anything, that could enable them to lose the most unpopular president in modern history during its biggest campaign event to date.


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