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3.September.2008, 5.20 pm
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So, I just got done sending out a Spencer’s-related spam on Facebook (VOTE FOR SPENCER’S IN THE BEST OF BOWLING GREEN CONTEST, TAKES JUST A SECOND AND COULD MAKE A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE FOR A CHILD IN NEED!), when I saw this at the top of my “news feed”:

Now, does this not seem a little too personal — and IMpersonal — to you? Here I am, sitting down at my computer for a little relaxation, and BAM! I’m hit with the news that one of my friends is apparently getting a divorce, or is already divorced, or is possibly a widow?

After all the technological advances, we’re going to have to create a closet industry that helps people learn how to communicate once again, via that old-fashioned email or (gasp!) an actual conversation on an actual phone!

UPDATE: The more I’ve thought about this, the more worried I get about what I might see next time.

NEWS FEED: Becky Blingston lingers in a state of denial over her unfathomable manishness.
NEWS FEED: Joe Schmoe has contracted a sexually transmittted disease.
NEWS FEED: Joe Schmoe’s STD has been diagnosed as type 1 genital herpes.

The list goes on and on.


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Buddy, Catherine and I had this exact same conversation yesterday when one of my friends was listed in the same manner on my newsfeed!

Comment by David Altmaier

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