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RNC: Day 3, Part 1 (Nada!)

Did we mention Barack Obama has no “executive experience”?

Wednesday night seemed to be focused on two things: No. 1, making Washington seem broken (because of liberals, mind you); and No. 2, pointing to a lack of governing experience on the Democratic ticket in order to boost the (albeit minimal) governing experience of VP candidate Sarah Palin. Giuliani started out with a “job application” illustration (one that went on for far too long… in fact, he spoke so long that the now traditional biopic film about Palin had to be scrapped). War hero? Check. Reformer? Check. “Loves America”? Double check.

By this point, you’d think the crowd at the Xcel Center would be tired of hearing about McCain’s days in the POW camp. But it remains the ultimate qualification, it seems, as judged by the comments of what I humbly call the Losers’ Parade — endorsements from seemingly every candidate (except Ron Paul and Alan Keyes) that McCain defeated.

Giuliani also rolled out the bizarre insult: Barack Obama was a COMMUNITY ORGANIZER! (Palin picked up on this theme, leading some pundits to wonder whether their shared speechwriter has some strange animosity toward those who involve themselves in their communities instead of taking up a corner office.) But the style was effective: Rudy was having fun at the Dems’ expense, and the crowd ate it up. (It is worth noting, however, that during a post-speech interview with Andrea Mitchell, Giuliani himself pointed out that McCain “needed help” in the “executive” area as well.)

Preceding him, unfortunately, was the always disappointing Mitt Romney — the candidate pundits love to talk about as a darling of the conservative movement, despite his utter failure to garner any significant vote totals outside Utah. No politician in recent memory evokes such a feeling of fakery, and Wednesday was no exception.

Media bashing? Check! Absurd overkill on the term “liberal”? Check! “Executive experience” argument? Check mate!

My favorite part was his call-and-response opener: “Is a Supreme Court decision that grants Guantanamo terrorists with constitutional rights liberal or conservative? It’s liberal! … We need change all right, change from a liberal Washington to a conservative Washington!”

Would someone — anyone — please inform Mitt that Republicans have run the “executive” branch for 20 of the last 28 years, and that Congress was in a Republican majority for 10 out of the last 12? If Washington’s liberal, it’s the GOP’s fault. But let’s be fair: Even conservatives don’t care about a word Mitt has to say. Conservative blogger Megan McArdle at The Atlantic made this observation:

Mitt Romney seems to use the word “liberal” in a randomly perjorative fashion. I half expect him to say “I was eating breakfast this morning, and my hash browns were all liberal. I sent them back and told the waitress to bring me some good, conservative hash browns.

He also seems to think that giving American citizens habeas corpus rights is some sort of crazy scheme dreamed up by liberal justices intent on destroying America’s proud tradition of secret trials and warrantless arrests.

But the best was yet to come… Sarah Palin, the bulldog, the barracuda, the “hottest governor in the coldest state.” And she delivered, big-time, in a way that likely has Joe Biden searching eBay for a flak jacket.

P.S.: I missed Mike Huckabee’s speech due to an irresistable urge for ice cream. Just finished watching Huck’s speech via Youtube. It’s not even worth VodPodding. Still, here’s hoping McCain loses, and Huckabee somehow gets the nod in 2012, if only because we can really start to talk about the many merits of the FairTax.


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McCain appears to be in bed with the Flat Tax. He’s a good friend of Steve Forbes. Huckabee hasn’t said a word about the FairTax since he ended his run for President. That’s a real shame. I almost feel Huckabee used the FairTax supporters.

Comment by Tom Krop

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