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A new home, a slightly altered vision
14.September.2008, 10.34 am
Filed under: politics

So, here it is: I’m moving the blog to a new home, In3rds.com.

The reason is twofold: 1.) I’ve become increasingly interested in the ways culture, politics and media are intertwined, the ways they work together (and oftentimes against the interest of each) and what it says about modern American society. 2.) While WordPress.com offers a lot of great things, ultimately I decided it’s better to run my own thing, offering me more flexibility in design and hopefully offering readers the best features possible.

You’ll notice, at the new site, that I’ve added a “Share This” button at the ends of posts; this is in case, someday, I write something you might actually be interested in sharing with your social network of choice. StumbleUpon, Digg, MySpace, Facebook and more are supported, and it’s all done with a simple click. I’m also hoping, in the future, to recruit a few particularly observant and articulate people to add their thoughts.

For now, expect the same frequency of posting that you’ve come to expect… Shelley made me promise not to let the new project get in the way of family life and running a fledgling business.

Oh, and make sure to update your RSS feeds (delete the old one, and click on the coffee cup in the upper-right corner of the new site).


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