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The Part-Time Pundit is the work of R. Justin Shepherd, weekend editor at the Bowling Green Daily News and owner of Spencer’s Coffeehouse in Bowling Green, Ky. The son of a small-town politician, Justin has consumed politics — especially the more absurd and amusing parts — for most of his life. He spends a lot of his time reading biographies, exposés, profiles, op-eds, commentaries, analyses and addendums; he also writes, records and performs music with the band Foxhole, courtesy of Philadelphia’s Burnt Toast Vinyl record label.

Justin and his wife, Shelley Gwen Reitmeyer, have two sons, Lewis Christian and Owen Andrew. They are members of Grace & Peace Presbyterian, a PCA congregation located in downtown Bowling Green.

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What? Have you taken up golf now? That’s not rock’n’roll.

Comment by Derek

“Obviously, you are not a golfer.”

Name the movie that’s from, and I’ll forgive your incendiary comments!

Comment by rjustin

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